The history of Tselebny Narzan health resort starts in 1969 after international Inturist tourism agency was established. The company started receiving the first groups of foreign tourists for treatment and Entertainment means.


Very soon travel tours to Kislovodsk for the visitors from abroad became regular and then the company decided to build their own local hotel where foreign guests could stay.


In 1987 the USSR government investment allowed to build new hotels in Pyatigorsk, Nalchik and Kislovodsk. And five years later the Inturist-Narzan hotel and tourist complex was found.


Nowadays Tselebny Narzan is a multi-field health resort in Kislovodsk, Russia. It consists of both medical and accommodation facilities. Health resort offers 142 modern and comfortable rooms for stay with a maximum capacity of 284 guests.


Tselebny Narzan has been awarded the Lider of Tourism Industry Hotel Brand. Another prestige Rubin Cross and Pearl Cross awards were earned for the high level of Service performed.



Tselebny Narzan Health Resort, LLC




Russia, Stavropol Territory,

Kislovodsk, Zhelyabova Street, 5

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